Late Starts and Broken Hearts

by A Better Reality

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released October 13, 2013

Dakota Shelton (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Brandon Downing (lead guitar)
Rylie Downey (bass)
Sam Boesen (drums)


tags: pop punk


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A Better Reality

We are a pop punk band from the depths of Iowa.

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Track Name: Hung Up
You left me hanging, so I watched your roses die
Like ghosts in a room of light, you never even said goodbye
Who would've thought there'd be a way to kill my self esteem
My thoughts are so tempting and the sky's calling my name

Cherish the memories, they won't last forever
Leave me behind and I'll sit back and dwell on
Your last words that shattered my teenage heart
Dreams broke, love fractured, you tore my life apart

Someday, I will say, everything will be okay
But I need a way to get me through the night
I'm afraid to try, was this whole thing one big lie, maybe my instincts told me right
Let me rot here in the dark, you were my only light
Track Name: Friends with Benefits
Just stand back and watch me burn
I'll make sure you get your turn
Fuck the regrets and the rules
I've got nothing left to lose
It's only after we've lost everything
That we are free to do anything
So I'll run away just to escape
All the pointless drama and the hate
In this town that I so much despise
It brings me down, I don't even know why
Let's burn this book of memories saved
To wipe this frown right off of my face

'Cause I've been waiting for way too long
For everything to not feel wrong
I should've known you wouldn't stay true
With friends like these, I don't need you
I found a way to ease my pain
Surrounded by those who feel the same
Here's to the one who split me in two
With friends like these, I don't need you

Here's to another night of watching the city burn
Another broken heart, another lesson learned
Go ahead and say what's on your mind
'Cause truth be told, you're still on mine
But the difference between me and you
Is that I have friends to get me through
Track Name: Fly Away
I watch you on your throne, your heart is made of stone
Judging everyone is a sport that you condone
Don't think I can't see that you have grown to be
Exactly what I hate, and we always disagree
This place is not my own, a dream all based on hope
This town has pushed my limits as far as they can go
How lovely it must be, the secrets that you keep
You wear the mask of God to hide what's really underneath

Take me away from all this pain, there's a reason that I'm so ashamed

Someday I will grow my wings and fly away
And I won't miss a single thing about you

I used to think that I was the one who I despised
But you clearly proved me wrong with your deceitful lies
How can somebody be so demanding
And give nothing in return, so disappointing
I swear to God that I'm gonna leave it all behind
For a chance to show that I can be a shining light
While you stay where you are, hiding in the dark
When you see me living out my dream, remember who you are

Crush your crown and love for yourself, you're no better than me